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We are all looking for happiness or contentment in our lives. We want a reduction in stress, anxiety, conflict and addiction. We want that inner voice of self-judgment to quiet so that we can fully realize our creative potential. We want harmony in our relationships. We want life to flow smoothly instead of feeling like a constant struggle.

Most often, we look for the solutions to these problems outside ourselves in other people, situations, jobs, relationships, substances, concepts and material things. We may even get involved in seeking self-improvement or enlightenment while feeling as though we never quite reach where we would like to be. When this relentless seeking becomes exhaustive and fruitless, a shift in our attention can begin to take place. We begin to turn inward and look at our moment by moment experience differently, with fresh eyes. And this shift of focus makes all the difference.

We all have this capacity to shift our focus. We were born with it. But our parents, teachers and friends did not show us how to look. They did not know how. The Living Inquiries awaken this capacity to look in a different way. The Inquiries are simple, effective tools that allow us to turn towards and dissolve the beliefs, fears, anger, sadness, guilt, shame and lack that have been running our lives. They show us how to allow everything to be as it is, instead of trying to constantly change our experience or seek something outside ourselves. This provides a deep relaxation in the midst of whatever is happening, which is nothing short of a radical shift in perspective.

With the Living Inquiries, we naturally begin to experience a reduction or elimination of stress, anxiety, conflict and addiction. The deficiency stories that have raced through our minds all our lives (e.g., “I’m not good enough,” “I’m unhappy”) begin to quiet, providing a more easeful, compassionate, loving and peaceful experience. We find that happiness and contentment are natural aspects of our present experience through this way of looking. They were simply overlooked in the constant movement of trying to change our experience.


Through this deep investigation, our lives begin to flow more smoothly. The inner peace and restfulness we discover allows new possibilities and benefits to reveal themselves in our outer experience. We find a wealth of compassion for other human beings and for all of life. Our relationships become automatically harmonized. The sense of separation between us relaxes. Our creative potential is naturally released. We start living in the present moment with a calm, abiding inner peace instead of continuing to be entangled in thoughts of past and future. We see that the stories of deficiency that have been with us since our youth are not really who we are. They release themselves just by looking at them and asking a few questions. These changes begin to occur just from looking at your experience differently with the Inquiries, not from personal will and effort.

The Inquiries were developed by Scott Kiloby and refined by his facilitators in the last several years. We now have over eighty facilitators in 11 different countries. And people from all over the world, virtually every country, have benefited from this work. Come join us on this new and exciting discovery. See for yourself how the inquiries literally untangle the thoughts, emotions and sensations that keep you feeling stuck in your life! To get the most benefit from this work, we highly encourage you to work with a trained facilitator at first.


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It is just miraculous how an hour of facilitation can “unstick” decades of stuck stuff.

~Heidi M.


The work that you do FAR outstrips any therapy out there!  So all-encompassing, and so thorough.  Bravo!  I appreciate it so much!    

~ Janine M. 


What REALLY amazes me is that your Living Inquiries are THE tool to use, rather than sit and meditate for years.  Here is the direct way . . . . Scott, I am not sure even you know how brilliant your work is and I thank you for that. 

~Dani Omri


I just wanted to say a heart-felt thanks – these methods have helped me to feel genuinely loving for the first time in many years. Finally I know what I was looking for (not therapy)

~Love, Marcus


The two 1-hour private calls I had have been very helpful. I no longer feel depressed, I sleep great at night without needing to take any medication, there is a deep sense of inner-peace and connection with myself and everything/everyone.

Tallking to the facilitator and using this method for direct inquiry really helped to clear some blockages to freedom from all extremes.

I would highly recommend this work to anyone in need for a simple yet radical approach to self-realization and liberation. I mean it in a widest sense possible. Thank you very much”

~Paul B. Boston MA


I want to express my deepest gratitude for the Unfindable Inquiry into self.   There is my illness, but I’ll be damned if I can find anyone suffering from it today.  The experience of it has taken on a spacious quality. 



The inquiries are an exploration . . . not a rigid method. They gently steer you away from your thoughts right into the sensations you have never wanted to consciously feel. Doing them with a facilitator is impressively effective. It is an opening up in togetherness, lovingly looking at what is arising in the moment, without predefined answers or judgments. Just full of surprises and rich in possibilities. Being facilitated is a precious gift, for both the facilitator and the one who is being facilitated. It feels like coming home, to yourself and to the world. I loved it!

~Annelies Van Der Ouw


I have seen these inquiries work wonders on people with very diverse circumstances, except that they all came with some kind of suffering. There was a shift, you could SEE it, in all of them.

~Colette K.


I have finally found the “holy grail” of therapy/awakening.  As a therapist, I have been looking for the “right” modality to facilitate a transformation honoring both the therapeutic model AND helping people to awaken simultaneously.  Scott’s process doesn’t attempt to replace one unhealthy self for another more spiritual self, which is something I have been doing on my spiritual path.  On the contrary, this process frees the self of its false concepts and erroneous emotions so it is able to be its unencumbered, Real Self.  Thanks again, Scott.  I love this process! 

~Louise Del Maestro


As a long-time seeker who has believed in the non-dual teaching of no separate self  (yet still experiencing a separate self). I have found the inquiries to be the missing key; like a laser that focuses precisely on the experience of the separate self to reveal that it is in fact not findable as an actual, objective, entity. It does not exist in the way we have assumed it exists. For years I have heard, “Look for the separate self and see if it exists.” Well, I didn’t know how to look until now!

~Beth B.


I have done these inquiries for the last few months and have gained amazing benefits in my life.  I have used it in various areas of my life such as: food obsession, weight control, work-related stress issues, and sexuality and relationship.  These inquiries are an amazing way to see through the story naturally and realize that inner peace is always with me.   I am now making it a daily practice of my life helping me to relax on issues which have been very sticky for a long part of my life.  I intend to keep on practicing this great technique so that I can share it with my loved ones.

~Carmelo L.


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